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Recent and Coming Soon Publications

Refereed Publications in Progress

Hoff, A. (submitted 2023, Nov1). Drawing is another form of listening. Drawing: Research, Theory, Practice. Manuscript submitted for publication.


Hoff, A. (submitted 2023, Sept 15). Positioning the visual: Autoethnography as care in visual narrative research. Journal of Writing in Creative Practice. Manuscript submitted for publication.


Hoff, A. (submitted 2022, Apr 3). Teens reframing the future: A speculative comics workshop as posthuman pedagogy. Digital Culture and Education. Manuscript in peer review.

Book Chapters


Hoff, A. (submitted 2023, Feb 10). Dreaming the future, one panel at a time: Comics and care practices in arts pedagogy. In A. Watson & R. Faris (Eds.), Care to dream: Practices, daydreams, and the future of care. UBC Press. Manuscript accepted for publication.


Roecker, I. & Hoff, A. (submitted 2023, March 1). Mismatch: Inclusive design strategies through pedagogy and practice. In S. Webber (Ed.), Teaching for social change in design. Routledge. Manuscript accepted for publication.


Hoff, A. (2023). Uncertain homes: Trauma, fracture, and resilience in Roma graphic biographies from the ‘children’s homes’ in the Czech Republic. In M.P. Sanchez & G.V. Fuentes (Eds.), Young Lives in Crisis: Precariousness in Contemporary Graphic Narratives (pp.91-106). Routledge.


Hoff, A. (2012). Small moves: Architectural strategies for the unit in social housing. In M. Soules (Ed.), Future social: Design ideas, essays and discussions on social housing for the ‘hardest to house’ (pp.53-60). Blueprint Imprint/Simply Read Books.


Books in Progress


Roecker, I., Hoff, A., & Rubio Martinez, P. (submitted 2023, March 10). Homing: A graphic field guide to community-designed purpose-built housing. Routledge. Manuscript in development.


Hoff, A., & McAlpine, R. Atypical architecture: Principles, practice, and possibilities in neurodivergent design. Princeton Architectural Press. Manuscript in development.


Conference Proceedings


Hoff, A., Kaczmarek, M., Shankar, S., & Tulloch, B. (2018, March 27). iWords: Exploring the interdisciplinary vocabularies of information research [Workshop presentation]. Association for Information Science and Technology Conference, Sheffield, UK.


Trade Publications


Hoff, A. (2021). Future tense. Beyond Words Magazine, 8, 25-27.

Hoff, A. (2013). The east van artist behind a cartoon milkman. The Tyee.

Hoff, A. (2012). How Vanessa Beecroft taught me to meditate while standing naked in the middle of Berlin. Room Magazine, 34(5), 24-29.

Hoff, A. (2012). Outside in: A class in creative writing at Matsqui prison. The Tyee.

Hoff, A. (2012). Excerpts from the graphic novella, AVB180. Display Canadian Design Magazine, Issue 4, 38-40.  

Hoff, A. (2011). Take me with you: Nineteen days in China. 5x5 Lit Mag, Fall, 8-10.

Hoff, A. (2011). Take me with you: Nineteen days in China (Excerpts). Broken Pencil. 

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