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An Introduction to my CV

The role of an art and design educational developer is multifaceted, and, in some ways, it defies specification. As much as charting the path through the intersections of my professional, artistic, and personal narratives offers ways in which to reflect and build upon the work I have done and hope to do, I am aware that it can be problematic to rely solely on a written assessment as a qualifier of change. There are multiple ways to understand change and to support positive action.


I offer this document as a means of engaging in dialogue, reflecting, supporting each other through educational development in the arts, and as a means of sharing our collective journeys in the pedagogy and practice of art, media, and design education. I welcome feedback, engagement, and conversation.


My CV—as with my portfolio—is a living, iterative document. I will continue to return here as a reflective and reflexive practice seeking to explore, document, and better understand the ways in which we contribute individually and collectively to more open, equitable, accessible, meaningful, and joyful teaching and learning in the arts.


I have structured my CV to reflect my work “in and outside of post-secondary institutions in various educational developer capacities” (McDonald, et al, 2016. p.10), and I have organized it using the following themes:

  • Education

  • Professional Experience

  • Teaching Experience

  • Organizational Leadership

  • Research Publications

  • Conference Presentations

  • Awards and Grants

  • Creative Outputs

  • Scholarly Service & Professional Development

  • Scholarly and Professional Affiliations


Here you can find my CV in PDF format.



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